The US Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) in New Orleans has recently issued a warning to vessels concerning compliance with 33 CFR 156.170, which requires each transfer pipe system on board a vessel to be tested under static liquid pressure at least 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure annually. During Port State Control (PSC) examinations, the COTP has noted that approximately 30% of vessels are not in compliance. In most cases, the PSC Officers found that the vessels had tested the systems with air rather than with liquid which makes the test null and void. In addition, several vessels were not able to provide written records of the date and result of the most recent test and inspection of bunker lines/transfer systems as required by 33 CFR 155.820.

The Coast Guard has not yet begun to issue fines or penalties for non-compliance. However, vessels do run the risk of having their bunkering operations stopped until the proper tests are conducted.

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HP-25/35 Pneumatic Hydrostatic Test Pump

The HP-25/35 model is a pneumatic driven hydrostatic test pump with a pressure range of 350 to 3500 PSI, with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Lightweight at 50 pounds and portable this unit is ideal for testing in small confined spaces and remote locations. Designed for testing oil, gas, water and steam lines; such as onboard ships, oil rigs and refineries. This unit has the ability to start/stop while under pressure, and is capable of handling various fuels, oils and chemicals.




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RICE Hydro Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new product in their world-leading Hydrostatic Test Pump lineup. The patent pending PCH-11/550, manufactured in the USA, incorporates a pipeline chlorinator with the industry’s finest hydrostatic test pump. This innovative device will ensure that contractors meet the AWWA C651-14 standard for “PPM” (parts per million) chlorination rates and pressure test new or existing water lines in accordance with AWWA C600-17 standards. The PCH-11/550 will also de-chlorinate water lines to allow safe discharge on the ground.

Test Pump: 11 GPM up to 550 PSI.
•Chlorinates at target “PPM” (parts per million).
•Large volume flow rate, able to fill any diameter line efficiently.
•PULSAtron chlorine injection pump.
•Digital flow meter tracks volume and GPM.
•Meets chlorination, disinfectant, and testing requirements set forth in the AWWA C651-14 and AWWA C600-17.
• De-chlorinates for safe discharge on the
•Lifting hook for easy transportation.