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Definition of “Hydrostatic”:

Hy*dro*stat*ic – Pronunciation: (hI-dre-‘sta-tik) Function: adjective, Etymology: probably from New Latin-Hydrostaticus, Date:1666 Definition: Of or relating to fluids at rest or to the pressures they exert or transmit. The static’s of fluids, esp. incompressible fluids. Hydro-meaning water or liquid / Static-having no motion, at rest. Marked by absence of motion.

So, What is a Hydrostatic Test Pump?

A Hydrostatic Test Pump is a self-contained, portable, low volume, high-pressure pump powered by air, electric, or gas engines. They are designed to pressurize with fluids, in an effort to determine leakage and identify loss in test environment, including water mains, pressure vessels, irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, fire hoses, sewer lines, gas lines, steam lines, and boilers.

What is the most versatile unit?

Naturally this depends on what your testing environment and requirements are, but we generally recommend a pump from our diaphragm series. The DP3-series is a gasoline powered, versatile, suction or gravity feed pump that delivers 11 GPM at 550 PSI. All units in the diaphragm series can handle up to a 10% chlorine solution, and can be run dry without damage to the pump. The DP-3B and DPH-3B are recommended to test up to a 24″ diameter line. Other pumps in the diaphragm series can test up to a 96″ diameter line. Wheel and handle kits for portability and pressure feed tanks are available for all test pumps in the diaphragm series. RICE also carries a full line of roller, piston and plunger hydrostatic test pumps. If you don’t see what you desire, we can custom build a pump to suit your testing needs.

Who utilizes hydrostatic test pumps, and how can I purchase one?

Various professionals in the construction, municipalities, chemical, military and fire industries utilize hydrostatic test pumps, including, pipeline contractors, general contractors, irrigation sprinklers installers, fire departments, fire suppression system installers, mechanical contractors, and plumbers. If you’d like to purchase a hydrostatic test pump from RICE Hydro, please call us at 800-245-4777, or 775-885-1280, or email us, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Why should I purchase a hydrostatic test pump from RICE Hydro?

RICE Hydro has been in business since 1976, and IS the INVENTOR of hydrostatic test pumps. RICE pumps are well-designed, portable units, built with quality components and manufactured in the USA. Great care is taken in the engineering of our test pumps, to ensure safety and low replacement part costs. After all, what good is saving money on a test pump if you continually have to replace lower quality components and you have down time? All RICE Hydro products are built to endure the test of time. The average life span of our pumps with proper maintenance is over 20 years. Sure, by that time, the pump won’t look pretty, but it will still be up and running. Recently, we acquired four RICE test pumps that were in service for 20 plus years and are still operational. With RICE Hydro, you will receive consistently superior products and excellent customer service.

What kind of rental rate can I expect, and how long are they typically rented for?

Like any piece of equipment in your fleet, rental rates vary depending on market conditions. However, the average rental rate is anywhere from $70.00 to $100.00 per day. The average rental time for these units is about 3 days. Rentals of a week or longer are not uncommon.