Fire Hose Tester Accessories

RICE Hydro offers several accessories to the FH-series fire hose testers. A patented “LINECAGE” to safely secure and anchor your fire hose during the hydrostatic testing process. The FHWA pressure washing wand accessory, designed for use in Haz-Mat and contaminated equipment wash down. We also offer hose testing adapters in various sizes and thread configurations.

Adapters – Various Sizes Available

The FH-series fire hose testers are all supplied with 1 & 1/2″ male NST couplings on every outlet. These brass adpaters connect to the independently controlled stainless steel ballvalves and are available in various sizes and thread. Please contact the factory for details.

FHWA-1 Pressure Washing Wand Accessory

FHWA-1, ideal for Haz-Mat and contaminated equipment wash down. Strong cleaning power, yet soft enough to offer less risk for damage of department decals or custom paint jobs. The FHWA wand accessory makes your FH-series fire hose tester a year round contributor to your equipment fleet.

LINECAGE Hose Safety Anchor Device

Safely test your fire hose with RICE Hydro’s “PATENTED” Linecage, a secure and safety anchoring device. Designed by a Fire Captain, with the safety and well being of his fellow firefighting brothers in mind. Prompted by a close call that ended luckily in only minor injuries for the two firefighters in his department, it could have been much worse. Virtually indestructible, with a heavy gauge welded steel frame, with multiple locking holes to accommodate various hose sizes. Locking hitch pin and quick links to secure hoses and anchor devices during testing. US Patent # 7,905,455

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