Company History

From the past through the new Millennium RICE Hydro has always had one goal in mind: to be the company you can depend on for innovative quality products, designed to make the contractor’s life a little easier.

RICE Hydro was established in 1976 by Allen Rice who, by our standards, was a very wise and intuitive man. A Harvard University graduate, retired from a career in the water municipality industry, Allen was desirous of staying busy and took a position with a local rental yard in San Diego California. During this period, Allen recognized contractor’s need for a hydrostatic test pump, versus an adapted pressure washer to test pressurized lines. Armed with this knowledge, Allen was driven to design the first hydrostatic test system, one that allowed for ease of operation; precision, reliability and rapid results. From humble beginnings out of his garage in El Cajon California, the first RICE hydrostatic test pump was constructed. Enter the ST-1, a 5 HP roller pump, with a flow rate of 5 GPM, and an output pressure of 300 PSI. Due to Allen’s dedication, the RP Series, in constant production, was the beginning of great things to come. Sadly, some years later, Allen passed on. Along with our staff, Allen would have been proud to know that RICE products withstand the test of time.

In the year 2002, we recently found a model ST-1, sold February 16, 1977 to Rainbow Rentals. The current owners have continued to propel us to the top, growing RICE Hydro into the well known respected company that it is today. The ever developing RICE product line of hydrostatic test pumps and the Dirt Dawg, a one-man hydraulic towable post hole digger is designed to meet today’s technological challenges and demands. The RICE Hydro staff is dedicated to the same outstanding requirements that have always remained. It is the number one goal to satisfy customer needs with top-notch customer service, by allowing ourselves to be flexible, dependable, and reliable. In the super secret RICE Hydro book, the customer comes first. Okay, so it’s not a super secret book, but we still believe the customer comes first. The staff at RICE Hydro is first and foremost very happy. It is the RICE Hydro philosophy that a happy staff is a helpful staff.

We invite you to challenge us… call us anytime. Given the long-term status of everyone at RICE, we are sure we are up to any given task!