RI-6 Wheel Kit, for small units

Wheel and Handle kit, instantly makes your hydrostatic test pump truly mobile. Includes heavy duty metal handle, axle and foot rest; along with “NO FLAT” tires and all hardware needed for installation.


Portable “Back Saver” – the wheel and handle kit instantly makes your test pump truly portable and easy to maneuver, saving you time, labor, maintenance, and repair. The new “NO FLAT” tires are made of polyurethane foam with open and closed air cells, creating a tire 2 times stronger than rubber, yet soft enough to provide bounce and absorb vibration. All small (RI-6), standard (RI-8), and extra large (RI-10) framed units are wheel kit ready and this accessory can be added at any time!

All RICE units can be “Built to Suit”, contact the factory for special order options or custom build to
meet your specific test requirements.