Vorhees Fire District - Oklahoma State University - Fire Service Training
Fire Hose Testers
"I have been a career firefighter with the Voorhees Fire District in New Jersey for the past 25 years. I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the quality, durability, and reliability of the RICE Hydrostatic Test Pumps. I am the head of the motor maintenance division; it has been my job to see that all our service hose is tested on an annual basis. I called in for parts on our units the other day and it was determined that our units are from 1988 and 1990. I can honestly say over the past 23 years we have never had a breakdown or failure on either unit." As the fire service has changed through the years, so has our hose size and type. The durability and ease of use has made this time consuming and very important job so much safer for the firefighters. In all the years of testing hose, the one time that we did NOT use a RICE Test pump, we had a firefighter injured and out of work for 6 months. Thankfully said firefighter is doing well and is back on the job. I have done some calculating and over a 23 year period we, at the Voorhees Fire District, have tested approximately 170,000 feet of service hose that is on our apparatus and that's not counting our spare hose which is also tested annually. That's about 33 MILES of hose, with no break down or repairs on the units. I say to anyone who is looking for a portable hose testing machine, look no further than the RICE Hydrostatic Test Pumps. In my opinion there is no better machine; the quality and reliability is unsurpassed.