B-D Construction Inc. Columbus, NE
Units in service more than 20 years!
Original DE-2 in service with a contractor for over 20 years.... "Over 20 years ago, we purchased a RICE Hydro Test Pump, model DE-2. It has been a very trouble-free pump and has given us very good service, as we are a general contractor who installs water lines almost year round." "We have had to perform minimal repairs on the pump and when we did need to do repairs, the pump was very simple to work on. Our maintenance records indicate that the only parts we ever needed was a repair kit with piston cups and O-rings, which were readily available." "Most important of all, is that when we needed help from your company, your staff was always willing to provide us with the assistance we needed. We never had to wait for an answer, therefore our down-time was minimal." "We would recommend the purchase of this pump to anyone."