"My name is Greg Collett, owner of Arrow Rents Inc., in Montgomery, AL. We are a general equipment rental company serving the River Region since 1954.Taking care of small to medium size contracting companies to the homeowner/weekend warrior has been our bread and butter and as such we are continually looking for quality equipment to provide. We have rented and sold a handful of solid, well-made posthole diggers, both one and two man versions, over our fifty plus years. All from well-established and well thought of manufacturers who we have no problem or complaint with. So I wasn't really looking for a new provider when I ran across RICE Hydro's DirtDawg one man unit at the ARA Show. I was impressed with the simple and straight forward design and the well-built construction and similarly impressed with the knowledgeable staff in their booth. I purchased the unit and put it into rental right away. I am pleased to share that on our first unit we have collected over $12,000 in rental against a meager $165.00 in maintenance costs and never have we had to make a service call or infield repair. Also, our customers request the "red" one-man machine and are willing to wait even if our other units are out earning income, while we have other manufacturers in the yard and available."