Dirtdawg Post Hole Digger - Testimonial 1
"Every once in a while something comes along that seems to make our lives a little easier. A tool that seems simple enough, but over time, becomes so indispensable that we can no longer imagine life without it; you know some of these tools: calculator, computer, cash register…., insulated boots, leather gloves, cordless drill. Initially, those ideas seem so insignificant that blue-collar workers can become concerned with spending the money for a tool that only does one thing. A calculator only does arithmetic, a power drill only turns bits…and the RICE Hydro auger “Dirt Dawg” digs holes; and boy does it ever dig!" It’s evident to me that the Dirt Dawg is engineered and manufactured by the people who are using it in the field. It’s sleek, sturdy and simple; obviously made of quality materials. Whenever I see this type of construction I know the manufacturer built it to last. One man or woman can quickly and effortlessly get the Dirt Dawg and be at the job site in a matter of no time; once there, they can fire up the easy start motor and immediately begin punching perfect holes to any depth. The simple controls give the operator complete and immediate control of speed and precision. Again, I say this will only take one person. This tool has given us drastic improvement in safety, which any manager knows, a safe workplace and safe equipment is the most important job at any site. It is always paramount to make sure no person ever gets hurt. Here at Makoshika State Park in Glendive, Montana, we live and work amongst all terrain and soil types and the Dirt Dawg has readily handled every job we have put to its test. In fact, the impetus of our needing this tool is our never-ending need to build recreational trail bridges within some of America’s most inhospitable terrain. Having our new RICE Dirt Dawg will make areas and projects that were previously thought of as too difficult and challenging a lot more practical and attainable. In the short time that I have used our Dirt Dawg, and been able to witness the ease of use, safety features, great power and its versatility. I cannot imagine why any landscaping business owner, golf course groundskeeper, fencing business, equipment rental shop, farmer, rancher, or a parks and recreation department would not want to purchase this tool and keep it in their own cadre of essential equipment. Thank You for engineering and manufacturing a great quality tool RICE Hydro, Inc. I take satisfaction in knowing that we have the Dirt Dawg to help us meet the strict demands of our job in a safe, efficient, and precise manner.