RHI Powder of Carson City Expands Powder Coating Burn Off Facility

by Jan 22, 2020News

RHI Powder, a Carson City based company, announces the completion of the installation of its newest large scale burn off oven. The new equipment is an industrial ACE oven that can accommodate items with a maximum size of 129” L X 93” W X 88” H. The unit compliments the cost-effective cleaning and de-coating services offered by the firm. Burn off is required to prepare items to be powder coated and to clean racks and hangers used in the powder coating manufacturing process. The oven is the largest unit of its kind in Northern Nevada and began providing services to local manufacturing companies in January 2020.

The oven is fully NFPA compliant with the latest regulations and has recently been permitted by the Carson City Fire Department after several upgrades, including the construction of a separate building to house the unit. In addition to being the largest, the oven is also the most environmentally friendly and safest unit of its kind in the area. RHI Powder has invested over $500,000 to handle future demands, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the oven.

Before items can be powder coated, they must be void of contaminants such as rust, grease, epoxy, paint and old powder coatings. Such ovens are needed by local manufacturers and are required in the powder coating, and subsequently, the coating burn off process. Examples of powder coating include: automobile parts, race chassis, coffee roasters, poles, pipe, fencing, exterior and interior stairs, railing and most metal objects, less magnesium. Powder coating along with RHI’s 3-stage pre-treatment process provides exceptional durability over traditional paint products and is rust resistant.

The ACE oven uses a radiant heating process and circulation so there are no “hot” spots and parts receive an equal distribution of heat. Furthermore, radiant heating is an environmentally safer and more efficient method to burn off contaminants, as it uses less natural gas. Thus, expelling less heat into the environment.

There are several methods to removing excess powder coating from cleaning racks and hangers, as well as paint stripping, by far the most convenient and quickest method is to use a burn off or hot strip oven. Typically, these ovens use extremely high temperatures (up to 900F degrees) for several hours to burn coatings to ash leaving the metal like new and ready to use. This method is a safe and an affordable alternative to time consuming and dangerous processes such as chemical and mechanical stripping. Chemical removal is hazardous to both people and the environment, and sandblasting is abrasive and can damage metal.

Advantages of Burn Off

• Burn off strips virtually all organic materials and powder coating
• Cleans virtually any shape item including: racks, hooks, baskets, load bars, grating, and fixtures
• Safe for steel parts
• Accommodates small and large batches
• The components can be rolled into oven
• RHI ovens utilize a Radiant Tube heating technology, which combines convection and radiant heat to safely clean parts

RHI Powder, a division of RICE Hydro, Inc., is pleased to offer its burn off and powder coating services to Northern Nevada manufacturing companies. Local pick-up and delivery are also available within a 50-mile radius of their facility including: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Gardnerville, Minden, Lake Tahoe and Dayton.

For more information, visit: RHI Powder.com.

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