RICE Hydro, Inc. Launches Innovative Pipeline Chlorinator

RICE Hydro, Inc. Launches Innovative Product to Support Water Jurisdictions

Pipeline Chlorinator Cost Effective in Efforts to Monitor Line Viability and Water Chlorination Quality

(Carson City, Nev., Nov. 3, 2022) – Rice Hydro Inc., located in Carson City, Nevada, is proud to announce the launch of a new product in its Hydrostatic Test Pump Series. Dubbed the Pipeline Chlorinator, the innovative unit is a patent pending pump capable of chlorinating water in parts per million (PPM) in addition to pressure testing new or existing water lines. The unit will support water jurisdictions in their efforts to monitor line viability and water quality, as it relates to chlorination with costly PPM requirements.

The launch includes two size options. The PCE-3/300 electric model can produce 150 gallons per minute (GPM) at 150 PPM, and hydrostatic pressures up to 300 PSI, while the PCH-11/550 gasoline model, is capable of a higher volume of 300 GPM at 150 PPM, and hydrostatic pressures up to 550 PSI.

As the premier industry leader, the Pipeline Chlorinator features include:

        • Flow meter to ensure accurate measurements of GPM
        • Adjustable dial to monitor compliance with PPM guidelines
        • Reference chart to gauge the proper target ratio between GPM and PPM

Existing methods of using high-end equipment to measure large water volumes in are costly. Many water jurisdictions do not have proper methods to monitor PPM or require contractors to use additional calculation tools. Previously, contractors would estimate the length of the line and the diameter of pipe to approximate PPM treatment. In organizations with stricter ASTM guidelines, contractors would often utilize a Sub-Chlorinating Contractor at a significantly higher cost.

The Pipeline Chlorinator provides cost savings for testing and chlorinating, calculated in PPM, to water jurisdictions including counties, municipalities and private water districts, a process new to the industry.

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