DPH 3b Hydrostatic Test Pump Self Test Video

The video details basic instructions on how to check various aspects of operating the unit. The video shows the proper order of steps to complete the test –  from checking oil and fuel levels to checking line strainer for debris, which can restrict water flow. Instruction is given on how to tighten fittings, check suction, and connect the inlet water for tank and filling. The video goes on to review connections, bleeding air from unit and more, thru actual starting of the unit. Additionally, the video includes instructions for adjusting pressure settings. etc. to achieve proper gauge readings.   

The DPH-3B, a triple diaphragm pump, is recognized as the most versatile sought after hydrostatic test pump on the market. The unit offers exceptionally smooth and quiet operation, capable of handling up to a 10% chlorine solution, and the ability to run dry without damage.  Diesel or electric power options are available.  The unit includes:

  • 11 GPM up to 550 PSI
  • Inlet – 1″ with 9 foot inlet hose assembly and stainless steel mesh filter
  • Outlet – 1/2″ high pressure 8 foot hose with quick connect couplings
  • Adjustable pressure regulator, from 70 to 550 PSI
  • Stainless Steel liquid-filled 0-600 PSI gauge, ensures accurate readings
  • Rugged roll cage construction, protects pump from damage
  • 196 CC 6.5 HP air cooled 4 cycle Honda engine, with OIL ALERT
  • 1 Year Warranty from Manufacturers Defect


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