The ST-312 Hydraulic Shoring Pressure Pump

The ST-312 hydraulic shoring pressure pump, it’s a SHORE-thing! Developed for use with environmentally friendly bio-degradable anti-freeze, a 20-gallon reservoir tank, with pressures up to 2000 PSI. Constructed in a vertical ergonomic design the ST-312 has increased mobility, with reduced operator stress and user fatigue.

EL Series Hydrostatic Test Pumps

The EL-series, is a line of low volume high pressure hydrostatic test pumps, offering flow rates up to 8 GPM, and pressures up to 1800 PSI. Designed for testing sprinkler systems, irrigation lines, pressure vessels, plant process piping, and small diameter water lines. Accessories include a “wheel and handle” kit for increased mobility, and a…

Dirtdawg Posthole Digger Brochure

The DIRTDAWG, a one man towable hydraulic post hole digger, offering 351 foot pounds of torque at 83 RPM. Simple one man operation, coupled with the power of the torque-free hydraulic system and neutralized weight balance, it is one awesome digging machine! Integrated tow package, allows for towing at normal highway speeds. The DIRTDAWG carries a 3 year full…

TR-Series Brochure

The TR-series, is a line of high pressure hydrostatic test pumps, offering flow rates up to 10 GPM, and pressures up to 5000 PSI.  Designed for testing boilers, pressure vessels, plant process piping, steam and gas lines.   To learn more about the: TR-SERIES 

DPH-3B Hydrostatic Test Pump

The DPH-3B, a triple diaphragm pump, recognized as the most versatile sought after hydrostatic test pump on the market. Exceptionally smooth and quiet operation, capable of handling up to a 10% chlorine solution, and the ability to run dry without damage.  Diesel or electric power options available   View the Brochure Here   DP Series All Brochure…